Penta & Fleetline KC The boys and girls from Kempton Caravans are at it again. A few years ago Kempton Caravans pioneered the concept of gravel road caravans in South Africa with the launching of their very successful Sprite Scout Nomad. Caravan destinations, which were off the beaten track, are mainly frequented by campers. The lucky ones with serious off-road caravans like the Jurgens Safari range suddenly became accessible.This opened up a new form of lifestyle for enthusiasts who wanted the comfort of a more traditional and conventional type of caravan which would not fall apart on dirt roads and could withstand the corrugations of a destination like the Kgalagadi.Southern African destinations were now within reach for more people and this in turn helped with the growth of the caravan industry.The concept of living outside the caravan and not inside is preferred by most South African caravanners. The launch of the Sprite range with the outside kitchen was a huge success. “We have received many requests for caravan modifications, as many people want to keep their existing caravan but at the same time customize here and there,” said Larry Kreuiter, the General Manager at Kempton Caravans. "If only I kept a record of all the ideas that have come my way after 34 years in the caravan industry I would have a best seller on my hands,” he adds.The request for more outside facilities comes up time and again and the Kempton Caravans team decided to offer the option of an outside kitchen with ample workspace both inside and out.Air conditioning has become very popular and we have offered this as standard fitment on both the Penta & Fleetline KC. This does not mean that you have to have the aircon fitted. It's your call and obviously there is a financial saving should you choose to exclude this option. By fitting the aircon it meant that we would have to find space for the spare wheel which is housed in the nose cone. The alternative is either on the floor of the caravan or in the tow vehicle. Neither is really an option. We have offered the customer two choices, either have it mounted to the lockable spare wheel bracket on the a-frame or under the chassis at the rear of the caravan.Another common request was for a solid worktop in the kitchen. Cooking inside the caravan is not always popular with many caravanners. This allowed us to remove the stove, wash basin and tap and utilize this on the outside. Whilst we were busy with the kitchen, we thought that we might as well fit slides onto one or two of the drawers. It's sometimes difficult to access the lower drawers if you are not the supplest of people and if getting on your hands and knees is not for you. A very old and experienced customer of ours, Fran's Botha, followed the progress of the Penta KC with great interest and when he saw the drawer on slides he suggested that we fit the same to the bunk on the left of the entrance door as you enter the caravan. “It's always a pain to get something out of there if you do not have access from an outside hatch,” he said. “The cushions need to be lifted then put on the table before you get on your hands and knees etc,” he adds. This little modification has proved to be a winner, so the moral of the story is listen to the customer.The current model Penta already has a basin fitted to the outside with a tap housed in a fibreglass holder which in turn is coupled to a 220 volt hot water geezer. What is missing is a decent worktop alongside the basin. Initially we made a steel table which is powder coated but we were not happy with the weight. This is now manufactured in aluminium which is a lot lighter and also will not rust. You have the choice of using the table as a clip on or we can permanently mount it to the side of the caravan. We have done the same with the Fleetline. However, as the geezer is an after-market fitment on the Fleetline the client will have the choice of electing not to go with the hot water and once again have a saving on the price.To make space for the outside kitchen hatch was relatively easy on the Penta. We needed to reposition it about 100mm deeper into the caravan which was not a problem as there was ample floor space. This was not possible on the Fleetline being a shorter caravan with the space from the foot of the bed to the fridge already a bit tight. We elected to remove the fridge and fit it in the old kitchen area. This in turn allowed us to use the space where the fridge was positioned and turn it into a cupboard for extra packing space.The microwave was also removed and fitted in the outside kitchen hatch. Once again this space has been utilized and closed off with two cupboard doors.An extra aluminium table is also supplied and fitted to the caravan either as a clip on or permanent fixture to the side of the caravan, left of the entrance door. There is certainly no shortage of work space outside the caravan. A canvas storage compartment fits under the fold out kitchen worktop for thos

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